Thursday, September 14, 2006

Welcome to my world

Why do people start blogging?

I would imagine there is a plethora of motivations that drives each one of us to begin pontificating on our topics of choice, and as many diverse reasons as there are blogs. So the real question then, is why did I decide to start a blog?

Well, because you NEED to hear what I have to say. Life or death... glory or tragedy... victory or defeat... Its that important. So like any clandestine hero, whose only fault is the hubris that shall be his end, I have arrived to deliver the gospel according to me.

You on the other hand should probably find anywhere else to be. You see, I'm just Some Guy. I'm no Grouchy Gnome, secretly hiding my insider identity behind my online persona, although for other reasons I have chosen to post as my virtual moniker... more on that later. So why should you click back here day after day? Well, because I have a lot to say, on topics that you obviously care about, or you would never have found me in the first place. In my great hubris, I believe I have some useful insight to share, and if nothing else, I read more forums, information sites and blogs that any human should, and I am usually a good source of the current events in the gaming industry, and the virtual worlds that I have chosen to call home.

I hope you agree, or disagree and challenge me in the comments section. I love PvP after all, and whether its pixilated or typed, its always fun to go toe to toe with another skilled individual. So welcome to my world, your presence here makes it your world too, and I hope you choose to stay.

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