Thursday, February 15, 2007

My blog is 1337!

The Site Meter said so, so it must be true...

Anyway, I figured I'd take a minute to analyze some site metrics on this 1337 occasion. I am proud of the progress this blog has made over the past few months, and though I did not build my little corner of the interweb to get a bunch of people to listen to me, it is nice to have people stop by from time to time. I especially enjoy seeing the repeat visitors and the occasional comment.

To put my traffic into prospective, one of my regular reads, Tobold's MMORPG Blog, has had 475,750 visitors at my most recent check. However, he has been at it since July, 2003 so he has a good jump on me.

My numbers:

Site Hits since inception (09/19/2006): 1337
This Week: 328
Single day record (02/13/2007): 170
The recent increase in traffic has more to do with my involvement in the MMO blogosphere, than any independent factors related to my site and content. My largest traffic is from referrals, often directed from click-throughs at the comments section of another blog.

Top five referral sites:

1) Tobold
2) Kill Ten Rats
3) Nerfbat
4) AFK Gamer
5) Google (Most common searches include 'Burning Crusade', 'Karazhan'
& 'Gnome Warlock')

Anyway, thank you to the people who stop by, and I hope I can keep you mildly entertained, enough to want to stop by again.

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