Friday, February 23, 2007


Zubon reminded me of a MMORTS game that Tobold played for a bit last year. I had been meaning to give it a try, as it seems like the type of time commitment that you could play during MMO raids in the downtime or while meding when playing solo.

I have always loved the Civ style game, but I just do not have the time to commit to a full game, and I lose interest in single player games quite easily. After reading what little information is available about Travian, I can see myself really enjoying something like this.

I haven't fired up my village yet, but I am thinking I'll play Gaul with a more strategic, defensive strategy. I know going in that I will not have the ability to manage my empire every hour or so, making the heavy raid oriented cultures and strategies much less effective. I will prevent annihilation from aggressors by making their lives a living hell, and stashing away my resources so that attacking me is an exercise in frustrating futility.

Well, that sounds like a rosy picture anyway, except for this one little social problem that I have...

I am bloodthirsty and I don't take kindly to attacks. In EQ, my main was an anti-PK, but only in name. I viciously hunted known PK guilds and reveled in the kills. I also, secretly, had a troll shaman named Lootzu. You can guess what I did with him...

So, reality of my situation is thus... if you come to my village, and you are carrying anything other than a fruitcake or a lasagna, you better believe I will be coming for you.

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