Tuesday, March 06, 2007

GMG becomes 38 Studios

Via Nerfbat.

Executives of Green Monster Games, a new studio located in Massachusetts with Curt Schilling as CEO and founder, have officially renamed their company to 38 Studios, LLC. This has absolutely no bearing on the quality of the products that they will hopefully produce, and though I like the former name better, this company continues to top my MMO Watch List.

The creative, community development and design team that has been put together is a veritable whose-who of industry stars. Moreover, having a money man like Curt Schilling, whose love of MMO gaming is no secret basically ensures that appropriate financing will be available to see the premier game title to a successful launch.

I figure we are four years away from a 38 Studios launch and by that time, World of Warcraft, LoTRO, Vanguard, EQII and whatever meanwhile titles will have aged beyond relevance, paving the way for a new existential world to fill gigs on my hard drive.

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Vastori said...

WoW has reached the limits of relevance, while LOTRO is just beginning its term, and Vanguard has no real position due to a too-large idea without appropriate resources.

I have a feeling that Tabula Rasa will make an impact, in one way or another.

And then there's AoC.