Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Jewelcrafting Resources

  • I have recently been directed to this site. I would consider it the most useful Jewelcrafting and Cut Gem database currently on the Internet. A must-see for all Jewelcrafters and adventurers looking to optimize their gear.
  • Tobold has a great write-up on the cash cow that Jewelcrafting has become for him. I was skeptical at first, but since reading the write-up I have refrained from selling my Adamantite Ore and last night I built up the nerve to take the gamble, and more than doubled my potential profits.
  • Tired of whispering guildmates for which gem recipes they have, or worse, having them whisper you? You need this UI mod, GemHelper, and your troubles are over. You simply whisper a gem type, color or stat and the mod responds with a list of available recipes that the crafter knows. (example: /w Cyndre !gem Blood Garnet)

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