Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Slow News Week

It has been a very slow week in the gaming world from my standpoint, and I just couldn't rustle up the will power to invent a topic to discuss, so I just left well enough alone. Last night I hit level 70 on my warrior, Sunzu, and respecc'd deep protection to begin the instancing and raiding circut.

I have never had two raid ready characters before. I've posted in the past about how I lack the Alt fever that many players feel, and that I am enjoying the off-night fun of a totally different style of play. Ranged DPS on my Warlock and Melee tanking on my warrior. It is a perfect combo, and if I leveled either my priest or druid to 70 and had a healer, I would complete the trinity.

That being said, I am approaching uncharted territory. My guild is ramping up an alt Karazhan run on off-nights, which I assume will get underway within the next few weeks, and I will be raiding basically every night either on my main or my alt. Fortunately, Cyndre is basically done with Karazhan once I obtain my T4 helm, and I can take a break on Kara nights, though I can see the guild stopping as a whole once we get serious about Serpentshrine over the next month.

I love raiding, but I also need time off from it, in order to someday horde enough gold to buy my epic flying mount... on two characters...

Well I suppose we shall see how it goes, but the versatility I have now is amazing. I am LFG in guild and, my wife being a holy priest, we can basically form any group we want on the spot. Need DPS, no problem... need a tank, fine, I'll log over... Very nice situation to be in.

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