Tuesday, September 19, 2006

MMO Watch List: Immortal Destiny

I have recently added Immortal Destiny: Edge of Empyrean to my proverbial MMO Watch List. To say that this title is in the infant stages would be a gross understatement, as the development company, Neogence LLC only issued the press release on September 4th, 2006. Under normal circumstances, I would shy away from any game title with so little substantive information, but the limited information on the new websites FAQ was very intriguing. They would not be the first company to promise a lot of features that I want to see in-game, and deliver on significantly less, but its worth watching.

Also of note, is the development team itself. Robert Rice, aka Nicodemus of Kill Ten Rats fame, is leading the project.

Some excerpts of note from the FAQ:

Primarily skill based.

Every character starts as one of three archetypes: Warrior, Priest, or Mage.
While each has some benefits, there are no restrictions on what specializations,
professions, skills, magic, or items that an archetype can use.

No levels. Character advancement is primarily judged by skills and the amount of
raw power they control.

Player vs. Player combat (PvP) may occur anywhere. Players can also place
bounties on each other, and pursue other means of revenge against those that
attack them unwarranted. Griefers will not survive very long.

There is a variety of in-game social structures and organizations…Great Houses,
Minor Houses, Guilds, Clans, Gangs, Military, Government, etc. There are very
few, if any NPC leaders. Most city and town governments will be run by player

Most items either decay over time or degrade based on usage. Some rare item
types will last a very long time.

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