Thursday, April 26, 2007

Magtheridon's Lair

In the bowels of the Hellfire Citadel, the fel demon, Magtheridon is held captive by Illidian's orc legion. Heroes of the Burning Crusade, seeking treasure and glory, are delving into the Hellfire Basin and entering Magtheridon's Lair in hopes of freeing the beast, and slaying him.

Recently we have begun serious attempts at Magtheridon, and while we have yet to finish the task, Militiae Templi are closing in on the kill. It is a hectic fight, requiring precise actions and timing.

The trash leading up to Magtheridon, are on a 1 hour respawn timer, so given the clear time, you have approximately 45 minutes to work on him, between clears. The trash is also insanely hard, which has caused many guilds a great deal of frustration when that window shrinks to 30 minutes or less due to excessive trash wipes.

The trash consist of packs of 3 Orc casters who emit a Shadowbolt Volley hitting everyone in Line of Sight (LOS). These can be interrupted by kick, bash, gouge, shield slam etc., and should be at all costs. They also Death Coil and Fear, making tanking a challenge, and they DoT the raid with Shadow Word: Pain, and Unstable Affliction, making the cleansing a bit more challenging.

Our strategy is to pull one over the lip of the ramp, leaving 2 and some healers below LOS, while the raid works on one at a time. It has proven successful and we can now move through the various packs in under ten minutes time.

Magtheridon is a very complex encounter. He is not pulled until you engage one of the Channelers which are positioned around the room at the points of a pentagram, behind five floating boxes that rotate like a Rubik cube, and emit a beam of pink energy at Magtheridon, much like a Drain Soul spell. Once engaged, Magtheridon will begin to break his chains and will be free in two minuets. Your goal is to have 3-4 Channelers killed before that happens, but it took us a few days of attempts to get our DPS to that point.

Position your warlocks and hunters around the room, while remaining in range of the kill target, and have them control the Infernals that are summoned periodically. The Channelers can summon two maximum, so at first you can have as many as ten in the room, but that will decline as your DPS increases, and they remain for sixty seconds. They hit like trucks and have various abilities similar to the Warlock summon, so be sure to Fear, Banish, Ice Trap, anything to keep them under control.

The Channelers heal and cast Shadow Bolt Volley, and the heals must be interrupted or you will not be able to DPS them down fast enough to survive the fight. Focus on the heals, kill them as fast as possible and move on.

When Magtheridon breaks free, the Main Tank picks him up in the center of the room and holds him there. Continue killing the Channelers. When they are down switch DPS to the boss.

The only other tricky element of the encounter are the clickable Rubik cubes around the room. They can be used in unison to banish Magtheridon for ten seconds, and must be used to counter his ability, Blast Wave. Blast Wave is a channeled AOE that is going to wipe your raid if you screw up the Banish.

Assign groups of two (preferable DPS or the Channeler tanks) to each cube, and a rotation for those two people. When Magtheridon begin to cast Blast Wave, all five people assigned to first rotation, click the box and channel for the full ten seconds. Each will take approximately 800 damage per second for the duration, so they need high health or to be healed through it. If one dies before the channel begins, a replacement must be quickly assigned.

After the channeling concludes, those players will be affected with a debuff that prevents them channeling for a brief period. Group two must step up and prepare to channel the second Blast Wave.

Continue this cycle until he dies, and loot your epics as well as your first Tier 4 chest item.


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