Friday, April 13, 2007

Walk of Shame: Sony and IGE the morning after...

After a passionate night of dirty incestuous relations that the editors of Existential Worlds have deemed too illicit to depict here (for fear of FCC reprisal), Sony and IGE were allegedly seen sheepishly walking out of their love nest. The walk of shame had begun.

In a (not even remotely) surprising twist, Sony has joined forces with the IGE network, to (scam) provide users with a new blend of (horrible) excellent Sony service. Not only have they raised their prices to continue to provide (1.5th) third generation MMOs, and (embarrassingly bad) industry leading standards, they will now provide their customers with convenient methods of disposing of their hard earned wages.

Ahh, don't they look cute together? I wonder what their children will look like?

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